Did you know that underwater lights in boats attract small fishes? Shopping for suitable under water lights for your boat can be time-consuming. Mainly because they come in all manner of models and from many different manufacturers. They beautifully illuminate the sea. They create an attractive show for guests while enhancing security. New generation lights are powered by light emitting diodes that offer better illumination with lower
energy consumption. They last up to three times longer than conventional lights.

What to consider when selecting for these lights?

1. Brightness 

This dictates how far into the water their light will travel. Light intensity is measured in lumens. A higher lumens value indicates that the lights are very bright and illuminate well even when the water is not as clear.

2. Beam width 

This is the angle over which a single light spreads. When the beam width is greater than 900, the lights produce an even glow. This means that the lights can be widely spaced on the hull.

3. Color options 

Under water boat lights come in single color or multi color. In a multi color setup, you can change the lighting colors based on your mood and prevailing weather conditions.

4. Maintenance 

What is the expected life time hours? Can they be replaced through the hull while the boat is docked?

5. Power consumption 

Underwater lights with low power consumption are preferred. They use a lower battery charge which means that
they can stay on for long even with the engine off.

The best thing about them is that they are fairly easy to install with easily available tools. They come with secure fitting grips. Most of them are surface mounted which means that they only one tiny hole is required for the wiring. They run on 12V DC. After installing them, it is recommended to seal the hole using marine grade sealant.

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